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The following are the key points of the Badass Breeder Program.

  • We are passionate about following the “Badass Breeder” program and curriculum as we feel it aligns with our core values and beliefs.
  • Puppies are raised to be the best that they can be through purposeful and intentional handling which aligns with their developmental benchmarks.
  • We are then able to evaluate puppies through our program and place them in the very best homes for them and their new families.
  • We commence ENS/ESI exercises daily from days 3-16 and document all results, which are then sent home with our puppy families to view.
  • During week 3 we commence our puppy handing exercises which are gentle and safe, followed by the introduction of whelping box novelty items during weeks 3-4 which are introduced slowly and gently to build trust and confidence in our pups!

The benefits of Early Neurological Stimulation are:

  1. Boosts brain development
  2. Stronger Heart Beats
  3. Stronger Adrenal Glands
  4. Increased tolerance to stress
  5. Greater resistance to diseases